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Natar: Natural Augmented Reality

Natar is an open source augmented reality framework/protocol for Spatial Augmented Reality. Now what does it means ?

Open source: contributions are welcome, sharing is encouraged.

Natar is a protocol with multiple open source implementations. We want to aggregate the best algorithms to make them work together in a brilliant toolkit.

Augmented Reality Framework

AR does not rely on one technology is a way of seeing and interacting with virtual objects in the physical world. So it involves loads of tracking techniques with cameras, depth cameras and other sensors. A 3D engine does the rendering of the virtual elements and a screen or a projector to dispaly the results.

A protocol ?

As many algoritms work together, we propose to make them exchange information with a dedicated protocol. It defines how the algorithms exchange information in realtime.

Posts to come:

  • Natar protocol specification.
  • Natar tutorial with Processing.
  • Natar tutorial with Unity3D (free version).
  • Quick start with NX-72.