PapARt 1.2 - First wide audience release



PapARt was released for the public one year ago, and was labeled 1.0. This new version is targeted to a larger audience with two objectives:

  • Ease of use with Processing with a camera selector, adapted from PCConfiguration. A calibrator app for this camera.
  • Better usability with a color camera. The framework is less depth + color camera oriented.
  • Professional support for the Toolkit. RealityTech will sell calibration boards, colored objects and cameras.

TODO list:

  • DONE Quick start with a webcam guide: link.
  • POSTPONED Camera chooser application.
  • POSTPONED Camera calibrator application -> not good enough for release.
  • DONE Updates of the color picking applications.
  • DONE Use PapARt as a camera library.
  • DONE The PaperScreen model guide: link.
  • DONE Check all the existing examples.
  • Release: in progress.