Orbbec Astra for MacOSX users


Hello guys,

Here is a step by step if you wanna use the Orbbec astra camera with PapARt on macOS

Mac OSX – OpenNI2 installation for PapARt and orbbec astra

Start by download OpenNI2 SDK for Mac OS at this address : https://structure.io/openni
Then download the astra sdk for mac os : https://orbbec3d.com/develop/

Unzip these two packages. You should have two folders :

Open the AstraSDK-XX…/lib/Plugins/openni2/Drivers/
Copy all the items found in /Drivers and paste them in /OpenNI-MacOSX-x64…/Redist/OpenNI2/Drivers

Before continue, be sure to have followed all the steps asked here : Quick start with a webcam !
So, in /OpenNI-MacOSX-x64…/Redist/OpenNI2/Drivers
Copy the following files found in /OpenNI-MacOSX-x64…/Redist/OpenNI2/Drivers into ~/Documents/Processing/libraries/OpenNi/library/

  • libOpenNI2.jni.dylib
  • OpenNI.ini
  • org.openni.jar
    Rename the last file by “OpenNI.jar”

Finally copy the file libOpenNI2.dylib and the folder OpenNI2 found in /OpenNI-MacOSX-x64…/Redist/OpenNI2/Drivers into /usr/local/lib



The thread is referenced on the orbbec forum now: