OpenKinect with PapARt



This is a guide to run PapARt with the OpenKinect drivers.

It is a work in progress


Here you list the hardware / OS required: e.g.:

  • Hardware: Kinect for Windows or Kinect xbox 360.
  • Operating system: Win/OSX/Linux.
  • Language: Processing
  • Time required: 1 hour.
  • Difficulty: easy (Linux/OSX) medium (Windows).



Please have a look at the official guide:


You need to remove the proprietary drivers from Microsoft (Kinect SDK). Or else when you plug the Kinect the will load instead of the OpenKinect ones.


Install libfreenect from your package manager.


Install libfreenect from your package manager (Homebrew).

Try the exampels

When it works you will be able to run DepthVisualization. It provides a nice 3D view.

If you have alignment issues you can use StereoAlignment.

Setup the touch surface

You can create touch surfaces, and even buttons. But first you must specify the touch surface.

You can use the PlaneSetCalibration sketch to set a surface.

After setting a touch detection you can tweak it with touchVisualization. This sketch is not documented yet. You can use planeUp and planeDown buttons to adujst the 3D plane location, or tweak the planeHeight.

Final Note : The touch rewrite is in progress, it will be included in version 1.2.
About the author: Jérémy Laviole @ RealityTech. @Jiii.