Natural feature tracking (any image)


Tracking with natural features

This tutorial will be about tracking natural features (highly textured images).

[optional] screenshot to come


Here you list the hardware / OS required: e.g.:

  • Hardware: Webcam.
  • Operating system: Win/OSX/Linux.
  • Language: Processing
  • Time required: 30mins for a test.
  • Difficulty: easy.

Please note that the time requirement needs to be adapted to the target audience. A Processing sketch example would be addressed to novice users, a JRuby sketch with custom shaders and multiple libraries is addressed to experts (trained programmers).

1. Print the image to track

Print an image like this or any highly textured image.

2. Take a screenshot of it.

Run the example: tools/ExtractPlanarObjectForTracking link to extract the image.

Copy the file ExtractedView.bmp for the next step.

3. Track it in a PaperScreen

Open the Natural Tracking example: NaturalTracking.

Copy the file ExtractedView.bmp in the sketch folder, and adjust the sizes in the sketch.

// Size of the PaperScreen  (displayed size).
   setDrawingSize(203, 180);  
// size of the tracked element (printed size).
   loadMarkerBoard(sketchPath() + "/ExtractedView.bmp", 203, 180); 


This feature is experimental and quite promising. It works great for minimal tracking without too much movement.

About the author: Jeremy Laviole - RealityTech.

Quick start with a webcam