Augmented Reality Frameworks


AR frameworks

In this topic we will keep and updated list of AR framework, sorted by technologies and licences. This discussion space is open minded to all the possibilites.

The list here is different from the one in Wikipedia because we list frameworks that are:

  • Free to try.
  • Still maintained / updated. After 5 years we note them as obselete.
  • AR using cameras, not GPS/compass.

Multi-platform frameworks.

  • Vuforia. The biggest commercial framework for phones, tablets and headsets.
  • PapARt. Open source AR framework for Processing.
  • ARtoolkit by Daqri. [Test required].
  • ARUCO: Tracking in OpenCV and rendering in OpenGL.
  • NyARtoolkit: Re-implemenation of ARToolkit in Java and C#.

Smartphone frameworks.

Recently, the two main smartphone companies (Apple and Google) announced their own frameworks for Android and IOS.

Spatial Augmented Reality / Mapping frameworks.

Spatial Augmented reality reaches a larger audience every year. The website lists most of the tools and companies that does mapping and spatial augmented reality.

  • PapARt by RealityTech, Inria, and Bordeaux University.
    Focus: research, fast prototyping with Processing.
  • RoomAliveToolkit by Microsoft.
    Focus: research and multiple Kinect/projector systems.

You can reply to add your favourite framework. This post will be updated over time.