About the PapARt tutorials category


PapARt is an AR framework with many different use cases. In this tutorial collection we introduce the concepts behind AR and SAR applications with PapARt.

Please have a looked at the pinned examples for quick start (replacing the github wiki). Here is a list of the tutorials to come:

  • Quick start with a camera.
  • How to choose the camera drivers.
  • Printing markers guide.
  • Creation of marker boards with ARToolkitPlus markers.

We welcome contributions for tutorials, edition of them, tutorial ideas. You can post here the tutorial you would like to see.

You can get deeper information in the Javadoc.

AR education.

It will also be the place for AR education tutorials, as mini-courses. These courses will be given as PapARt programs with in-depth information about camera models and image processing.

  • Camera calibration: automatic and manual methods with PapARt.